The SimCore Team

Our executive team, comprised of clinicians, leaders in patient safety and experts in immersive training, share the vision of innovating solutions from within the healthcare community.

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Down Arrow

Over 30 years of leadership experience in patient safety & immersive healthcare solutions.

Brian Gillett, MD

Gary Durack


Gary Durack's professional career has included executive leadership, biomedical engineering, and successful technology entrepreneurship.He leads a dynamic team of engineers, clinical experts, and commercial professionals in the delivery to clinicians of novel simulation-based training, education, and certification products that are improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs around the world.

Michael Falk, MD

Brian Gillett, MD

Chief Medical Officer & Founder

Brian Gillett is an academic Emergency Medicine physician possessing over a decade of leadership experience in the field of healthcare simulation and patient safety. He created and directed the simulation centers for Kings County Hospital, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and Maimonides Medical Center, during which time SimCore was conceived. As a simulation director, he founded the company with the vision of creating patient safety solutions from within the simulation community.

Gerald Moses

Gerald Moses, PhD

Director of Corporate Development

Dr. Moses possesses extensive background in immersive healthcare education and corporate developemnt. He served as Vice-Chair of the Government Relations Committee as well as the Director of Accreditation and Certification for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and directed the MASTRI Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Anthony Siconolfi

Anthony Siconolfi, CHSOS

VP of Client Relations

Mr. Siconolfi is a certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist and has held leadership positions in the operational aspects of healthcare education for over thirty years. He has cultivated the skills of countless simulation instructors in adult learning theory, debriefing, confederating, and scenario development as well as operational aspects of simulation center management.

Taras Tkachenko

Dustin Parham

Chief Technology Officer

Dustin Parham brings over a decade of software engineering and team leadership experience with high profile projects for companies including BMW, Oracle, Electrolux, and Mars. Dustin has given rise to numerous innovations through his high impact roles including that of enterprise software architect, dev team leader, senior developer, and in business development positions

Jeff Winner

Jeff Winner

Director of Marketing and Communications

Mr. Winner has more than twenty years of digital marketing, marketing communications, product marketing, online/offline media, website development, and brand strategy. Mr. Winner possesses particular experience in production and content creation, serving clients as diverse as City Shuffle, Bovie Medical, Alternative Apparel, SunTrust Bank, Unilever, Point 3, Holiday Inn and Google.


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