Introducing SimCore

A single piece of software that creates a simple, easy to use platform for managing all aspects of a simulation center & healthcare performance improvement programs.

Facilitating the design and running of scenarios and clinical debriefs, real-time identification of healthcare performance vulnerabilities and robust workflow management, SimCore has it covered — all in one place.

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Use SimCore Anytime, Anywhere

  • SimCore - Anytime, Anywhere

    Use Simcore Anywhere.

    The SimCore System is 100% web-based and designed to be IT and network friendly. Simcore was built from the ground up to provide a powerful tool than can be securely accessed from anywhere on any device.

    SimCore Platform Compatability
  • SimCore - Anytime, Anywhere

    Fostering Excellence in Healthcare Performance.

    Our mission is to advance clinical simulation by providing highly efficient tools to develop and deploy scenarios, manage workflow, support training and implementation, and to enable cross-disciplinary collaboration within the simulation community.

    SimCore Platform Compatability
  • SimCore - Anytime, Anywhere

    Designed by Simulation Directors.

    Developed by practicing simulation experts in academic settings, the SimCore platform solves on-the-ground-needs with an intuitive design and comprehensive tool set.

    SimCore Platform Compatability

Features of the SimCore Platform

  • SimCore Platform Features — Create


    With the cloud-based Scenario Designer, easily standardize, create, edit and run your scenarios anywhere — even from a smart phone. Hundreds of radiographs, ECG's, educational diagrams and real-motion ultrasounds are available for integration into your scenarios through the Media Gallery - or upload your own. The Scenario Designer allows for standardizing template elements across all of your scenarios.

  • SimCore Platform Features - Schedule


    Efficiently schedule and coordinate simulation sessions within an institution or across a healthcare network with the Calendar. Integration with other calendar programs such as Outlook, iCal, Google and smart devices occurs in the background, sending calendar invites to participants, instructors and helpers.

  • SimCore Platform Features - Run


    Serve your scenario content—such as clinical history, labs, radiographs, and critical actions—to a screen within the screen- or mobile device-simulation control room during live sessions. Integrate a digital assessment form into any simulation and track participant performance in real time.

  • SimCore Platform Features — Track

    Track & Analyze

    The system calculates and normalizes ratings so that you can easily track learner or instructor progress as well as validate and improve scenarios. Display valuable metrics with charts and graphs for high yield reporting.

  • SimCore Platform Features — Connect


    Harness the power of collective wisdom by browsing and importing scenarios across the SimCore community. As others create scenarios, they become available for users to customize without overwriting the original—even revisions can be imported.

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